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11-Sep-2016 13:10

Articles may have different headlines in print and on the web.

On the web, articles may go through multiple iteration and updates and hence the headline may change over time.

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Finding a specific article: Please note that these articles are for your own reference and cannot be reprinted, posted or distributed without prior permission from The Globe and Mail.The sexuality of transgender people continues to be met with confusion, and their dating lives are rarely discussed.“With few exceptions, people don’t go to a dating site looking for a transperson,” Alex says.Most public libraries have electronic or paper indexes of The Globe and Mail available for searching.

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From there, date and page number can be found, making it possible to look at the paper on microfilm .THE GLOBE AND MAIL - Dec 16 - The data breach that aired the personal dealings and financial information of Ashley Madison clients has yet to spur concrete changes in security.