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For major metro areas and international cities, this isn't a big problem — but it be difficult in more provincial hamlets, where out-of-state transfers (or, worse, "Yankees" with funny accents studying in Dixie) often find themselves at a wooing disadvantage with the local crop, particularly in areas where the question of where you went to high school routinely arises in conversation.For those who rush straight from college into grad school, their wooing experiences have likely consisted of alcohol-fueled hook-up sessions (well, for the most part).The Red Hot Chili Peppers used to play the liberal arts college circuit before they struck it big; why not style yourself as a rock star on the rise and build your own fan base?

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Despite all of the issues listed above, love usually finds a way.But after attending seminars, labs and clinics (not to mention re-checking your citations on hundreds of footnotes for that master's thesis), it's time for some leisure and love.