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05-Sep-2014 10:22

  In today's podcast I noted the good and bad of the south. But southern drivers can be mindless, and every so often there's a bubba with a huge fwd pickup who weaves in and out of traffic as if the other cars were slalom poles. A bus pulls up to a hotel with 25 kids and 2 adults, rents four rooms (always on the floor I'm on) and then uses the hallway as if it were the common area between their rooms. I wonder how long it will be before they stop putting telephones in new hotels.

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Problem is Tony forgot who wrote the book and what it's title is.   Microsoft wants you to present at Tech Ed in Orlando.  PM: Arrived safely in Tyler, TX.  Julie Leung, a Washingtonian: "Christmas does stink.

Most small meteoroids burn up 100 km or so above the Earth, so no noise is heard.

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