How to stop adobe reader from updating

03-Sep-2016 11:19

How can we turn off any auto update functionality, and prompting of updates so users never see them in both apps? if you can provide documentation, detailed steps, registry keys, etc.

Hi, I am currently working on the application 'Adobe Reader 10.0'.

If you open now the Adobe Reader application and you click on Help menu, you will see those updates are available.

The idea behind disabling the Adobe Reader update is very simple.

We had found documention: disable the update notifications, however checking both xp and win7 machines, the key mentioned on page 16 of the pdf mentioned above, did not exist in HKLM, but did find it in HKCU.

Tried to create the i Check and i Check Reader in both places but not sure if they are actually working.

What makes out life more complex is the fact that for some software, such as the ones from Adobe, updates can be done by our end users. We need to control these updates and prevent regular users from updating their workstations.

When we’ll be done with our testing, we’ll let those updates flow in, or perhaps we never will, it all depends on what we see fit at that time.

This registry entry does not exist by default, so it has to be created.

Please can any one help me in disable the check for update functionality.