Im dating my friends ex

30-Nov-2014 00:59

There are a few different things that happened during the time I was newly separated that caused me to classify myself as temporarily psychotic, one of those being when I figured out "my ex is dating my friend! Here was a woman who I thought was my good girlfriend. We had gotten together a few times and I had told her things -- personal things about my ex and our relationship, why I was getting divorced, etc. It would be in a nonchalant comment, such as, “A and I were having a laugh about xyz,” and I thought it was funny, too, so I’d laugh right along with him.The more we hung out thought I started to notice the frequent name-dropping of A.I started to notice how often he mentioned her and it began to annoy me.Then, in passing, he mentioned that A was actually his ex-girlfriend, his first love, and that they had broken up because she wanted to get married and he wasn’t ready. And he was sensitive to her needs, which I would have appreciated, you know, if I wasn’t dating him. What they are doing is really uncool and unacceptable. Your ex and "your friend" are the ones who should feel stupid, NOT YOU! Their relationship is working because of the "scandalous and forbidden" element. When that wears off, and everyone in the community moves on to the next piece of gossip, and your ex and your friend really get to know each other, the appeal will fade. He or she could be doing this to you to act out his or her passive aggressive anger.

You see, they also worked together, side by side, would go to lunch together, run errands together, shop together, celebrate birthdays together, and in one story he told me, went on vacation together, all post-break up.

me and him are now together and shes not talking to me sayoing im all the names under the sun, and im standing back and taking it all!

while shes tried to turn everyone against us even hes best friend and my best friend lucky enough they havent, but im reconidering everything because of her. I don't see how you can be in the wrong based on the information you've given us to consider.

Male and female friendships are said to get trickier as you get older (whoever They are, They say this) and I agree to an extent.

im dating my friends ex-25

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But male and female friendships where you are dating someone new is a whole different ballgame. The best part is that he broke it off with me first.The clencher was when PG told me that A’s husband, B, told PG that on the day A delivered their baby, B thought the baby looked like PG and it floored him, causing him pause.

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