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The actor's car collided with another car, resulting in him sustaining injuries to his head.

Though bleeding profusely, Govinda did not cancel the shooting.

Dialogues of this movie became very popular and therefore audio cassette of dialogues were released.

Other cast include Shakti Kapoor, Shreeram Lagoo, Anjana Mumtaz, Raju Shrestha, Mahesh Anand, Vikas Anand, Anil Dhawan.

Siddhant must now choose between staying with the police force and serving his corrupt master.

Siddhant chooses to serve but only so that he can find out more about the corrupt minister and his dealings and to reveal the same to the public.

He has raised his son, police inspector Siddhant Suri (Govinda) and daughter Bindiya and second son Nandu (Rajoo Shrestha) in a similar way. He is in debt and unable to repay his debt, therefore, he decides to rob, and does so at the house belonging to Pooja (Karisma Kapoor), when Pooja confronts him, he attacks her and as a result Pooja loses her sight.

A blind Pooja subsequently weds Siddhant, not knowing that her assailant is her brother-in-law.You can download the sunny leone bikini wallpaper in full HD quality.

As rad as it is to bond over your same taste in music and other interests, you still have to ask yourself if this relationship in the long run has more pros or cons, just as you would with any other relationship.… continue reading »

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