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10-Dec-2016 03:54

They always knew my voice on the phone even before I would get a chance to say my name.

Their impressive staff were all so professional, knowledgeable in their field and great fun to work with.

Cheers, I wanted to drop you a quick line and tell you that I thought my date was great. I'm already thinking about how this could go given the distance. I'm feeling like a little school boy wondering if she 'liked me', kinda funny huh?

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This has been such an incredible adventure and learning experience...exciting and scary at the same time! I know the decisions are mine, but having someone to talk to for a reality check and another perspective is invaluable. I have also thought, if it ever comes up, that I would be delighted to speak with anyone who is considering Kelleher but just wants a testimonial or perspective from someone who has been a member. Thank you so much for introducing me to Jonathon – he is such a wonderful man and is totally my type!Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this happen.He is the perfect partner for me - we connect on all levels like I have never felt before. Thank you I just wanted you to know that I owe you big time!Best wishes, I wanted to pause and take a moment to let you know how impressed I am thus far with Kelleher International. #callmecompletelysmitten Wow, amazing, giddy, dumbfounded, light headed, tingling.....think she is THE perfect lady for me..... I am writing to ask that you not work on any new introductions for me at this time.

I first spoke with Kym and her warmth, candor and transparency inspired trust and hope! I believe you hit the mark with the introduction to Greg.She is incredible, beautiful, and exudes a warmth that is so nice. But at the same time, she is really sexy, likes to dip into the fast lane and yet is absolutely grounded in herself and has a warmth that is not easy to find.