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And you know Selena Gomez, but you had no idea she was the girl from Wizards of Waverly Place. KIDS CHOICE AWARDS TROPHY: Best Ability to Chime in During the Chorus of Any '00s Kids Show Theme Song. KIDS CHOICE AWARDS TROPHY: Most Saturday Mornings Spent Watching Television.You've seen the major players, but your memory of the lesser-known '00s series isn't the strongest. You've seen practically every single '00s kids show and you wear it proudly. You had Lizzie Mc Guire, Kyle XY, and the rest of the crew as your best friends.OK, here's a gift bag for showing up, but this is just a sad display. You're the type who knows Sponge Bob, but can't remember his starfish friend's name. But thanks for not pulling out a book during the three-hour show.During the first two seasons, Kyle's origins are revealed: he's a clone - subject 781227 - who is part of an experimental program funded by the Zzyzx Corporation to develop super soldiers.At this summer's Comic-Con, io9 interviewed Matt Davis about the show.

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In any case, the new season starts Monday, and I thought it was high time that I looked at a bit of the biology behind the show.

Einstein's parents supposedly consulted a doctor about his slow verbal development.

Even at the age of nine he had difficultly speaking.

Forgive me (and feel free to leave a comment) if I get part of the storyline wrong .

Here's the general premise of the show: Hunky 26-year old Matt Dallas plays teenager Kyle, who one day wakes up naked and belly button-less in the forest with no memory of his childhood.

He talks a bit about Kyle's origins, and suggests that Season 3 (which premiers Monday) will delve heavily into science.