Love for sail dating show

12-Oct-2015 22:48

With all those months of secrecy amid toothy nondisclosure efforts, it was something of a surprise to see the well-guarded name of the new team – including both organizations behind it – pop up on Facebook the day before the big, live reveal.

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valikum anuty

Marie Riou (FRA) perhaps has less offshore experience but none the less has 4 world championships in the Nacra 17 to her name and in December of last year joined the Ubox/Dongfeng team in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race resulting in a surprise to many (but not to the team) 3rd overall in IRC (and 1st in ORCi).

You can certainly understand why Vestas wants to control their message so strongly, seeing as how they were something of a laughing stock in Denmark after their unscheduled date with an Indian Ocean reef and the months of ensuing mayhem.