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A Florida Today investigation uncovered thousands of veterans who say they suffered sex abuse in the military."This is a national crisis, but nobody will listen to me," said mental health counselor Roger Girard, a 22-year military veteran who treated dozens of sexually assaulted men, including Helle, at Bay Pines.

"The brass of the military don't want to admit this To uncover the extent of the problem, Florida Today obtained the VA's preliminary findings from its sexual trauma survey of 1.67 million veterans enrolled in 1,300 VA health care facilities across the country.

Abuse of women in the military became a mainstream news media topic in the 1990s.

Attention focused primarily on the Navy's Tailhook scandal of 1991, which involved Navy and Marine aviators forming a sexual harassment gantlet at a Las Vegas convention, and the Army's Aberdeen Proving Ground sex abuse cases of 1996.

These nationwide counselors interviewed by Florida Today said most of the VA's treatment cases involved physical abuse, not insults or harassment. Such matters are thoroughly investigated when reported, and appropriate disciplinary action is taken when The Air Force, which has 612,984 active and reserve personnel, reported 136 sexual assault cases on men and women in the past five years.

"It's pretty clear that we're discussing unwanted sexual activity that's coercive in nature," said Art Rosenblatt, coordinator of the VA's military sexual trauma program in Central Florida. However, it declined to review those cases to determine how many of the victims were men.

The thousands of sexual trauma cases that involved men in the armed forces, however, has caught everyone off guard, from military leaders to members of Congress who sit on Senate and House committees that oversee the military. After I got up off the floor, I stood in the shower for three hours trying to wash the way I felt.

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Two military services do not comply with sex abuse reporting rules.

That roughly matches an earlier, national survey of women veterans in 1996.

That survey found 23 percent of women reported sexual assault in the military and 55 percent reported harassment.

And even if they do report it, there is an attempt to disregard it or an attempt to cover it up."While the VA survey counted 22,486 cases of male sexual trauma, it also showed 19,463 cases of female sexual trauma validating the reports of sexual abuse rates among women that made news throughout the 1990s.

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The VA survey showed 22 percent of female vets said they suffered sexual trauma during their armed services careers.

Despite a congressional mandate that the military keep statistics on violent crimes, including sexual assaults, just two of the four major services -- the Army and the Air Force could provide any statistics on sex crimes, and only the Army tracked the victims' gender.

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