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The stars walk away with the massive paycheck, and these actors slowly become ‘has-beens’.

We compile a list of some of the most significant actors in mainstream Hindi films, who we hope eventually get their due in the future.

Existing bulk-detection signatures are able to squelch the Dermo DNS and Sabotch payloads, and all but one of the domains involved in the attack were already blocked in the desktop product’s Communications Shield at the time we discovered the scam.

We’ve added the new domain to our latest definitions set.

Also, it wouldn’t be so bad if we took our hat out for his stellar performances.

Source: Wikimedia He became a household name when he did his Apple Singh routine during the ’99 Cricket World Cup in England.

However, he’s a much more polished actor than the love stories he’s been known for – just watch that pre-intermission scene in Source: Filmykeeday His discovery in Udaan was almost like a fairytale for any TV actor looking to make it in films. He’s played few significant roles after that film, barring his portrayals of villains in South Indian films. Source: pixshark He made a lasting impact as the senior salesman in Rocket Singh.Sadly no one’s really seen a lot of him after that movie, barring a few ads or some bank manager in some film. Source: screenmusings He won over everyone with his sarcastic-yet noble middle class husband in English Vinglish.Unfortunately, the payload of the page is significantly less amusing.

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The flash_payload (in repeat performances, the site delivered a file named flash_video_update.exe) was actually an installer of a file we classify to Trojan-Dermo DNS, a modified version of the Trojan-Downloader-Dermo that downloads, in addition to an installer for Adware-Sabotch, a payload which modifies the DNS settings of the infected computer so it resolves IP addresses through a server in Russia instead of your local ISP—potentially giving the operator of that Russian server a way to subtly manipulate what appears in the browser on an infected computer.Famous for her sensational contribution to regional cinema (Bengali, Tamil, Marathi) she made a quiet, beautiful debut in Source: hdpicswale She is the find of 2015.