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17-Nov-2015 16:43

They do this, but mainly only in situations like being in a club in Gangnam, and.. Richard has had male students tell him before that they do in fact approach women they’ve never met in a club and ask for a phone number.However, this is not the norm for meeting and dating women here.In above lines all those foreigners who are fully qualified with TESOL/TEFL/CELTA are exempted and I have utmost respect for all those foreigner who also respect korean people, their culture, and also believe every Korean girl is not like who go to bar and start to enjoy instantly.Those kind of girls are everywhere and just because of them you can't expect same thing from whole Korea.

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In the same way they will treat all people from different countries and that day the ratio of Foreigner marry to Korean girl and Korean guy marry to Foreigner will be same.The mentality of looser from USA who came to Korea without any qualification and when they realize they are kind of god because they are white then they start to play with different girls and start to believe they are the biggest playboy in Korea.