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06-Sep-2016 08:11

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Also, coming from Money, I'm used to having features that YNAB doesn't offer, like the ability to store information about my accounts. When I first looked at Mint, it did not connect with my credit union, but it currently connects to all my banks and all but one of my student loan institutions.Overall, it's forward-thinking and a good budgeting system, but will take some extra time to download transactions and isn't really a comprehensive management tool for all my financial needs. Another recent improvement is that Mint now allows you to manually add transactions, including pending checks and cash transactions.Quicken - I hadn't tried Quicken earlier because they don't offer a free trial, but after the last few fell short, I landed with Quicken 2009.Pro for Quicken, as an MS Money user is that it is remarkably similar in format and options. One frustration I'd had with Money was that it was ridiculously slow at start-up, and after a year or so of entering data, Quicken is dragging.Microsoft had posted the following at Important notice: Microsoft Money Plus is no longer available for purchase.

This can be hard to get used to, but it helps keep things straight.Mvelopes - Here's another online option, but this one is subscription-based.