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10-Sep-2014 14:35

Said Amin, CEO of Niche Click Media–the Irvine, Calif., company that owns–says Muslim parents worry that online matchmaking sites are eroding their influence.

“That’s not how they were raised and it takes away their control over how you meet and where you meet and when you meet.” The Mosque Foundation’s Mustapha said online matchmaking can be helpful in small communities where it’s difficult for friends and families to generate a social life for young Muslims.

“They’re embarrassed to say it out loud, but when they do they realize so many others are the same,” she says.Others wonder about dating outside of their nationality or religion.Whether or not a woman uses the site with parental consent and involvement often depends on the family’s adherence to tradition.A 28-year-old lawyer in the Northeast, Noura wanted someone U.

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S.-born, with ties to his Arab culture, but not completely liberal or completely conservative. After a couple of years, she found him on and later this year she’s getting married to him, a 34-year-old who works in information technology.

“If the method of communication is pure–not beyond what Islam accepts–technology in that perspective can be used widely and usefully.” But online matchmaking–where communication is usually unsupervised–could induce young people to overstep Islamic boundaries, said Mustapha.