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05-Jul-2014 11:16

No, because on the American census form, Hispanic includes Portuguese people, so I never thought that.

I also just always spoke Spanish and Portuguese growing up. You’ve adapted to the way music is now — streaming, You Tube, etc. The Internet is a great platform for art, especially social media because you can clarify things very quickly, be your own voice.

So, I think the Internet only amplified that in a positive way. I’d like to move more in that direction as my career progresses. I don’t know, just continuing to ask those questions of myself.

Spilling beans As a student, Chris ate baked beans.

I did a really low-fi collaborative project where I wrote songs with like 100 strings at this museum called Mo MA PS1 in Queens.

She changed her mind when he became an international pop star. I would call the sound of the album modern pop-alternative.

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