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Along with holding village Christmas parties in Leslie, she established a club for young girls employed in Falkland factories, funded a clinic in the parish of Kinglassie and planned parties for the 2nd Battalion of the Highland Light Infantry. Among these were a 1910 pageant at Falkland Palace, which she not only directed but appeared in; the "Tally Ho!

Noël's success as a patroness of philanthropic causes owed to her energetic personality and organizational skills but also to her popularity as a hostess, her beauty and her friendships with members of the British Royal Family and aristocracy, including H. " Ball the following year at Edinburgh's Musical Hall, where she danced in a special quadrille reel named for her; and the Coronation Garden Party later in 1911 at Devonshire House where she performed in a minuet that opened the festivity. Although a Conservative, she supported the suffrage cause as a member of the Women's Unionist Association, chairing local chapters of the group at Markinch and in Leslie.

Born in her parents' townhouse in Kensington, London, on Christmas Day 1878, she was the only child of Thomas and Clementina Dyer-Edwardes.

She was brought up at her parents residences, Prinknash Park in Gloucestershire and Chateau de Retival in Normandy and a townhouse in Kensington, London.

The countess was also active for a number of years in fundraising for the Queen Victoria School, the Randolph Wemyss Memorial Hospital and the Chelsea Hospital for Women.

In addition, she served on the organizing or fundraising committees for such agencies as the The Princess Mary Scholarship at Cedars College for Blind Girls, the YMCA Bazaar, The Children's Guild, the Deptford Fund and the Village Clubs Association.

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A noted philanthropist and social leader, she was a heroine of the Titanic disaster, The countess was for many years a popular figure in London society, known for her blonde beauty, bright personality, graceful dancing and the diligence with which she helped organize lavish entertainments patronized by English royalty and members of the nobility.

She became well known for her prolific charitable work in England and Scotland.