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And stop this living in the shadow of the blues - Chuck Mc Gill, Ted Jones Some times I get so broken hearted/feeling low down and I don't know why... And I've held back the tears for a thousand years...

And I'm praying somewhere there's a light to guide me through... Somewhere between ignorance and bliss/that's where I find myself today... Lord somebody please won't you help me through it... Think I'll jump through the window - Jonathan Singleton, Ted Jones Time to lay down this sword/step away from this war... I am the Roman Guard and I carry a scar deep in my heart...

But one thing stays the same/this ol' world keeps on changing so I'm told... And I ain't figured out why that's so beautiful to me... But you ain't gonna find nobody that loves you/nobody like me... But every time I see the ocean/all I think about is you... I like the sound of an airplane/makes me look up in the sky... In your eyes the deepest shade of blue - Chuck Mc Gill, Jonathan Singleton, Ted Jones Lizbeth sure lit a fire last night/never seen blue eyes burn so bright... Lord that girl put a spark in me/set me on fire like gasoline... In the sober light of day - Jonathan Singleton, Ted Jones It's Christmas have you got a little present for me...

It goes any way the wind blows/any way the wind blows me is fine... Everything changes/everybody needs somebody sometime... I'm tired of spinning my wheels/gonna tell you how I feel... Makes me stop and think just how fast life goes flying by... Me and ol' Liz and a bottle of Jack/I told her things I can never take back... And the flame she lit took me so high/I never even told ol' Liz goodbye...

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And it's cold and dark the deeper I go/almost afraid I might get scared down there... Listen what I'm saying/I'll tell you just how I feel... Half the time I stay lost anyway anyhow I don't care...

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