Nortel corporate directory not updating

29-May-2015 12:19

nortel corporate directory not updating-78

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If a CF on a CPPM or CPPIV does not have either NTMNXXXX or Nortel or Avaya labeling it is suspect and should be brought to the immediate attention of Avaya support by raising a ticket.Avaya does not support the use of 3rd party CF cards for replacement.If you have a Nor Star key system, simply press: "Feature * 6". To change this prompt, go to LD 11 and do a CHG in the CLS field. Make the change, call the phone, and see if you like the new ring.Now press numbers 1,2, 3, & 4 on your alphanumeric keypad to pick your ring type. If you have a Meridian 1 PBX, you will need to log into your PBX. When you print the TNB in LD 20, look at the prompt in CLS that starts with DRG. Lam P Allowed(you have to have lamp allowed on an anlog set to light the voicemail led.UPDATE: It's pretty rare to see 64 Meg PCMCIA cards these days, even second hand on Ebay!A workaround for the old Option 11 SSC cards is to use a Compact Flash 128 Meg with a PCMCIA Adapter card fitted.

A 32 Meg Compact Flash with PCMCIA adapter is suitable for back-ups.Use only the following approved CF for replacement: See TRACKING on the third line? Otherwise timing is in FREERUN mode (which is undesirable).