Novell patchlink licenses not updating

14-Apr-2016 23:26

NAL lets you add virtual program icons to users’ desktops, Start menus, and system trays.

If a user accidentally (or purposefully) deletes the icon, it will reappear a few seconds later.

I tried two of the software’s methods for packaging software applications for distribution.

The first method involves applications that already include a Windows Installer transform (MST) file; the second method involves using Novell sn App Shot to create an MST file for applications that don’t already include one.

I used a 1GB USB drive, loaded with Linux, to boot and successfully download Windows XP to a system with a wiped drive.

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I suspected that the problem was once again related to an IE security setting but couldn’t locate a TID that addressed the problem, so I decided to try a different browser. During my tests, I found that I needed both browsers: Certain functions required IE and Active X, and others refused to work with IE’s default security settings but worked fine with Firefox.

Attend this session to find out how Novell ZENworks Patch Management—working hand-in-hand with Novell ZENworks Configuration Management—can make Patch Tuesdays a thing of the past.

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Novell scores points for its OEM license agreement with Patch Link.

Every ZENworks client license includes a license for PATCHLINK UPDATE, which gives the client access to prepackaged patches ready for distribution.Several screens displayed only partial information or graphics placeholders.

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