On the track or off burning flame ii

11-May-2015 04:18

Will he give up on his dream job for his girlfriend?

Chung Yan Yee (Maggie Cheung Ho Yee) is part of the lifesaver team.

After fire fighter, Kei Tak Tin (Wong Hei)'s wife dies, his attitude to work begins to fade away.

Can he let time pass so easily when he is on his most important mission?

on the track or off burning flame ii-16

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Will living with a nightmare history affect her future career?

Kong Yat Ngor (Yoyo Mung) is Ming's wife who depends on him a lot and brings him even more pressure.

She leaves after her relationship with him falls apart. Yip Heung Yeung (Annie Man) is in love with a martial arts instructor how is also Fung's trainer.

Smoke pressed against the ceiling, then banked downward, seeping into each room and through crevices in the windows, staining the morning sky.

Buffie Barbee, who was eleven years old and lived two houses down, was playing in her back yard when she smelled the smoke.

In this much-awaited third installment of "Burning Flame", a team of firefighters continue to strive for the safety and well-being of local citizens under extreme conditions.