Outlook 2016 shared calendars not updating properly

01-Nov-2016 02:23

outlook 2016 shared calendars not updating properly-63

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Many of the issues have also been solved in the 2013 Q1 updates for both Outlook 2013 and the backend of itself.

If you are still having issues, try adding the contacts to a group in or recreating the contact.

If so your local PST file might have reached its maximum size allowed by Outlook (20GB by default), which can cause errors or prevent GSSMO from syncing with G Suite at all.

I’ve got plenty of contacts in the People section of but only a few of them actually sync to Outlook.How can I get all my contacts to sync with Outlook?When you configure your account in Outlook either via the Outlook Hotmail Connector (in Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010) or as an EAS account in Outlook 2013, it is indeed very likely that you won’t see all your contacts from the People section of Here you’ll see little icons indicating where this contact is stored. Another way to verify this, is to simply disconnect all of these social network services from

If there is no Outlook icon shown here, it is not stored on itself and thus… All the contacts which you see on now should also sync with Outlook.

With the Outlook Social Connector, you can also connect to Facebook and Linked In and various other social networks to pull the contacts or their information into Outlook.