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His throat fills swollen shut on him again and the dreaded thick mucous... You think you have turned a corner only to find you have stepped backwards 3 steps. I'm pretty much staying doped up for the next couple weeks either way. Harry Quon, MD, MS (CRM), Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology at the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania, answered the very question this way: "The long-term effects of radiation depend on the technique of irradiation, the dose and the location that was irradiated.

Typically, most head and neck squamous cell cancers are locoregionally advanced, requiring treatment of both sides of the neck.

Does anyone have the Full list of Radiation Side effects, it seams like every time I go to a doctor about a problem I am told it is Radiation side effects.

At what point do they stop blaming it on the treatment and start being doctors again and looking.

Sometimes, a procedure that stretches the throat can help with this, but if the muscle of the swallowing tube has been scarred down, it may not be reversible." I know you've covered all this ground, and your current problem isn't listed.

We all know that doctors are generally a lazy and shiftless breed. best, Hal editorial comment at the end of your post, Hal!

kcass My one and only huge, MAJOR complaint in this whole ordeal is that I, or my wife, were not informed of the unbelieveable amount of misery that one must go through after all the treatment is "officially" over. He is the only doctor that I've had that I felt I could trust 100%. My Rads Onco certainly watered down the effects and dismissed hair loss, taste loss, saliva loss as "it will all come back in a few months". I'm trying an acupuncturist now for the tinnitus, lot of anecdotal "evidence" of potential help there.

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If the cancer was in the throat area beside the voice box, then patients can often describe food sticking and not passing a point in their throat. Radiation over scar from neck dissection makes it even tighter.

It is helpful to summarize the long-term side effects by considering the normal tissues in the head and neck that were included in the treatment field.

This is also helpful to understand how newer techniques, such as IMRT, can reduce the side effects of head and neck irradiation. Excessive skin loss to throat and neck and scaring.51.

In the past, this was accomplished with two large radiation fields on both sides of the neck, matched with a third field coming from the front to treat the lower neck.

This resulted in a larger volume of normal tissues being irradiated and accounted for many long-term side effects. The absence of saliva and change in composition of any remaining saliva increases the risk of dental complications, because saliva helps to kill bacteria on the teeth. He does have the PEG but even that liquid gets him sick.