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30-Sep-2015 03:29

Eastern European women differ from their western counterparts as they are not adversely affected by feminism and materialism.To find genuine ladies in the west not burdened by these influences is indeed difficult.Cheryl Tiegs is an absolute icon in the world of swimsuit modeling.

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These aspects combine to ensure why more and more western situated men seek their dream partner with us.Read Full Story Petra Nemcova survived the Indian Ocean disaster which struck Thailand in 2004 and killed her then-fiance, but the supermodel spoke of her grief at replaying the memories of her own personal tragedy as the same event unfolded last week in Japan.She said: "To see them [the video and pictures] on Friday morning was horrifying.Read Full Story Petra Němcová (June 24, 1979) is a Czech fashion model.

She is a "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Issue staple, and was on the cover in 2003. Her photographer fiance Simon Atlee was killed in the 2004 tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Check out more Petra Němcová pictures and..Petra Němcová (June 24, 1979) is a Czech fashion model.

It's the most prestigious of all the film festivals, so it's no wonder than celebs bring their fanciest ensembles, biggest smiles, and hottest dates to the 10-day event.