Pre paid legal dating

06-Apr-2016 20:36

While this leads to new one-time enrollment fee payments for new salespeople, it also leads to a lot of inexperienced and unqualified people hawking the product. Hours covered in pre-trial expenses are anemic, usually less than 3 hours, with the rest fully payable by the member.

This turns prospective customers off to the company and creates a bad reputation. Alcohol-related vehicle incidents, a rather common occurrence, are not covered at all.

Magic Formula investors should look elsewhere to invest.

A SCAM IS STILL A SCAM Pre-Paid Legal changes name to Legal Shield Oklahoma company's new owners choose new name as part of rebranding strategy.

Nearly all competitors focus on larger employer groups, creating a nice niche for Pre-Paid to operate in.

The company's marketing structure is very low cost and scales up and down naturally with the number of subscriptions sold.

Add to these concerns the fact that operational metrics have been weak, and you have a MFI stock that is probably best avoided.

Pre-Paid Legal has been seeing increasing weakness in their subscriber base numbers.

This fact eliminates nearly all claims risk that most insurance companies face, making Pre-Paid less of an insurance provider and more of a referral company. Financially, Pre-Paid Legal's business model is an attractive one.

New memberships have failed to cover the number of memberships cancelled, leading to slight declines in net subscribers.

Legal services are increasingly becoming more available to individuals through online based providers.

FROM STAFF REPORTS Published: September 13, 2011 The new owners of Pre-Paid Legal Services have changed the Ada company's name to Legal Shield.

The new name for the 40-year-old company, bought in June by New York-based private equity firm Mid Ocean Partners, is part of rebranding initiative, the company said.The FTC and SEC are currently investigating the company.