Puerto ricans dating black women

18-Jul-2016 10:28

Some black women have been so discouraged by this knowledge that they don’t pursue the men.I think a commentary from an “insider” would be good, so what say you?MISS MY PAPITO:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: All this time I thought it was just me.I'm african american and my man is half puerto rican/half dominican and i adore him, he is my soul mate we are perfect together and every aspect..they are extremely passionate lovers, i know that my husband blows me AWAY with some of the love he gives me, and it is not only passionate, but it is from his very core. : D Mine lights a fire under me, anywayzzzzzz :hee: DITTO - P. MEN R THE BEST ONCE I STARTED DATING THEM I HAVE BEEN ADDICTED EVER SINCE.i HAVE DATE EACH RACE WELL WHITE BLACK AND HISPANIC BUT NONE COMPARE TO PUERTO RICANS...

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In many of the countries the lighter you are the better that you will get treated.

I would like to participate on your website if that is possible. One of them is hottie of the week, and the other one is question of the week. I am Puerto Rican from New York, have a Master’s degree in Computer Security.