Purolator tracking number not updating

24-Nov-2016 01:51

If you want to order more than one of the same book, just update the quantity in the cart and click the update button. You will see if the code has been submitted when the discount is applied in green.

In the check out, near the bottom by the Subtotal and Grand Total you will see a teal Pencil where it says Gift Card/Promo Code. The reason you may be getting declined is due to a security measure put in place by the credit card company.

We charge a single flat price for books and do not charge for extra pages. There is a physical limit on how many pages can be added to a book to bind properly (approximately 300 pages). When your book is created, it will not be deleted unless you delete.

We save books in each account to allow people to work on them for as long as they like.

We will then reship the book back to you at no extra cost. The requirement for a signature is solely based on whether or not the delivery person believes that the package will be left in a safe place.If the credit card company sees an internet purchase that is not typical for you, they will sometimes block the purchase.