Role playing examples for teen dating violence contact janda kl

03-Jun-2016 03:09

The clip features a real couple talking about the dynamics in their relationship.

The group will be discussing the video and doing an activity based on the video.

In facilitating this discussion, make sure the following points are made: Abusive and non-abusive relationships start the same, like a honeymoon: pleasant and fun.

The honeymoon phase allows a couple to bond and develop strong feelings for each other.

" Explain that if someone is abusive before there is an emotional bond, often times the victim will quickly end the relationship.

However, once there are strong feelings like love involved, it becomes much harder to walk away. This is a stressful period for both the abuser and the victim, but there is no violence present.

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This may help you explain the cycle for your students.)Discuss with the group the relevance of these words to violence and abuse, explaining that there is a similar pattern in most abusive relationships.Distribute the Video Viewing Guide and ask the students to think about the questions on the handout as they watch the video clip: If you can't show the clip from the Web, cue the video about eight minutes into the episode, to where a young man named Michael says "When I do hit her, it's with compassion.

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