Sanaa lathan dating wale

24-Oct-2014 08:47

Sanaa Lathan kind of confirmed her relationship with French Montana on Big Boy's Nieghborhood.

If you grew up watching movies like Love & Basketball and Brown Sugar, there's a good chance you had a crush on Sanaa Lathan at one point in your life.

Log in to Reply She’s African American so she could have some British or French blood.

And they’re only “black” in self identity and the way society sees them.

Log in to Reply Of course you can have Caucasian ancestry, it’s just not the same than European ancestry.

“European” refers to the geographical or cultural origin, but the “white” phenotype doesn’t stop at Ural/Caucasus/Marmara Sea – it reaches to Siberia, Afghanistan/India/Yemen/North Africa.

Doesn’t mean that they can’t have “white” blood in them. Beyoncé was light brown as a kid, with long beautiful thick hair. If you don’t believe me, check out childhood photos of her. Log in to Reply Rihanna actually has Irish in her (from her father’s side) she is Bajan, Guyanese & Irish mainly.

I don’t know about Beyonce, I think she’s African-American but Rihanna has always been light, sometimes it’s the lights that make them look even more light.

In an interview with Big Boy, Lathan pretty mush confirmed her relationship with French in a pretty round about way.Then she gets a little deeper, delving into her spirituality, being Black in Hollywood, her upcoming projects, and her current beau, Chicago Bears defensive end Adewale Ogunleye, who calls once during our interview.Judging by the softness in her voice and the smile on her face, it appears she’s found her brown-sugar boo.Log in to Reply Do you consider Jessica Szohr mixed? She has afro hair texture and she looks basic black.

Or just a while girl even though her nose side profile and hair texture all show signs of black blood? She doesn’t look half white (though since Halle and Kat Graham are here she can pass) but she has obvious signs of other. I think you want her to be mixed cause she is pretty.

Some websites state that she has Native American ancestry.

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