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27-Dec-2014 07:57

Still, there’s a reason why we’re not all rushing out to see the new John Cena blockbuster, as Cena’s roughneck babyface charms have their limits. Club wrestling geniuses La Toya Ferguson and Kyle Fowle for the confirmation on that.) For all his oft-revealed bulk here tonight, Cena’s got a literal baby face that doesn’t stray effectively outside his genial or “I’m mad you made me stop being genial” registers.There’s also a reason why Cena’s stuck with the same good guy persona his whole career. Even when called upon to play the bad guy (as in a Karate Kid parody), there’s not a lot of malice to the guy.The season premiere opened with Tina Fey playing Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin (alongside a pregnant Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton) in a "non-partisan message on sexism".Before the start of the season the cast remained mostly unchanged except for the addition of Bobby Moynihan.

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” a lot as Patriots party-doofus Rob Gronkowski, and generally being the gamer you’d expect him to be.

Reluctantly sitting at his desk, Trump’s attention bobs in hazy half-notice of Beck Bennett’s Mike Pence, pleading with him to think of “other people,” if only for a moment, and Bobby Moynihan’s “typical” Trump supporter, pleading for his candidate to do what he promised.