Seinfeld rules about dating elaine

25-Jun-2014 15:10

She suffers from the same misanthropy and bad luck that often lands her friends in hot water, but, like Jerry, she's often allowed to be purposely funny as well.

In "The Cartoon," she pens a cartoon for the New Yorker.

Those two hours, during which I got to indulge in humor that was undoubtedly too sophisticated for my 10-year-old brain, were always a highlight of my day.

I also knew that my father, who I saw every other weekend in typical kid-of-divorce fashion, was a fan of the show and I delighted in discussing the episodes with him and attempting to prove I understood the nuances of the adult humor (spoiler: I did not).. She is portrayed as aggressive, often "accidentally" shoving her male pals to the ground, and George admits multiple times to being scared of her.

, and have subsequently spent many a lazy Sunday afternoon binge-watching the show instead of spending time outside or, you know, socializing.

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Of course, you and I know that being able to kick it with the guys and also get a boyfriend aren’t mutually exclusive, but in Hollywood, it’s rarely portrayed this way.Sure, it turns out to be a Ziggy joke that she accidentally plagiarized, but still!