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The SA Department of Human Services on the date of the state’s apology provided a 40-page guide to the previous century’s Aboriginal policy implementation.

From this rather perfunctory booklet we learn In the May, 1997, apologies in the SA State Parliament from government and opposition figures, they cite no evidence, other than hearsay, beyond that specially-prepared document.

[1] They have found no evidence of the systematic taking for racist reasons of part-Aboriginal SA children.

Removals of small numbers of children, such as orphans, did occur for welfare reasons – as also occurred with white children.

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Joe and Maria Lane as activists at first accepted and promoted in the journal the black-armband histories.George Taplin, who ran the Mc Leay Mission on the SE coast from 1859-79, where Lane’s wife was born. Lane says, “I wished that some fool should re-key the material for the internet. By then I was hooked on searching out first-hand sources and went on to type up the thousand pages of three early Royal Commissions.

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