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18-Dec-2014 11:26

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LIKE MANY SINGLES, YOU CAN’T STAND THE BAR SCENE, FEEL awkward making small talk at parties—and if your parents try to set you up with one more aesthetically-challenged loser, you’re going to put yourself up for adoption.Does this mean you’re doomed to remain perpetually single, forever adrift in a sea of smug marrieds and other annoyingly happy snugglers?One such store is Fetch in Vancouver, which holds its popular “Yappy Hour” events every few months.Though not specifically singles events, owner Kelly Josling says that most of the Yappy Hour attendees are younger people—and flirting definitely does occur. “We have wine for the people and appetizers for the dogs, and it gives people a place they can go besides the dog park to meet other dog lovers and talk about their dogs.This immediately gives you something in common with everyone else using the service, and it also allows you to make the most of that wonderfully effective ice breaker—your dog.After all, most dog lovers think nothing of approaching and talking to a total stranger, provided that person is holding the leash of a friendly-looking dog.A person seeking to find a suitable playmate for a diminutive Chihuahua versus a rough-and-tumble Malamute might very well discover that the kind of person who would own a similar type of dog has a good chance of having a lifestyle compatible with their own. Singles With, and soon-to-be-up-and-running ” Though the book shows how useful a dog can be in the romance department, Wood emphasizes that you shouldn’t get a dog just because you want a date, pointing out that there are cheaper ways to achieve that goal.Date My also has a number of fun features such as “cutie ratings” for pet photos, as well as listings of upcoming events geared toward singles and pet lovers in various areas. “In the book I mention a number of things that are less expensive than owning a dog for fourteen years, such as going to Harvard for eight months, getting a Tiffany diamond necklace for a woman, getting a Rolex watch for a man, renting a yacht and having a big party, or having plastic surgery,” she says.

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When asked to explain what Leashes and Lovers does, Michelle says, “Leashes and Lovers is where dog lovers meet.

“If it wasn’t for the dog, it would never have happened,” Michelle reflects.

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