Sorm for updating multipla database records

15-Jun-2015 23:57

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To learn more about how it works please visit this page.

** In Slick the identifier of the row has to be manually managed, by either extending the model case class to include it, or storing it separately.

You do that with a help of a You can see a declaration of a unique key for a single property “name” and two indexes - for a single property “started” and for a group of properties “closed”, “outdated” and “started”. The key just doesn’t get set, but no exceptions get thrown.

Your application remains in a perfectly working state, but just not optimized for that specific key.

It doesn't produce a 404 so the page is their but not rendering. $update_header = "update mdl_course_sections set summary = 'Course Name' where course = '" . "' AND section = '0'"; $DB-Tim, Thanks for the reply, yet I am unsure of what that means.

When echo out the SQL string, and run it in phpmyadmin, it runs correctly..I assume the SQL string is formatted correctly.

Table Adapters provide different ways to update records in a database depending on the requirements of your application.

If your application uses datasets to store data, then you can simply update the records in the desired methods to send data from your objects directly to the database.

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Luckily SORM doesn’t just provide you with the ability to have multiple connections, it also automatically manages them for you.These methods allow you to pass individual values for each column as method parameters.