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Arizona State University…researchers…[claim to have] identified 247 known victims in 2014, most of them younger than 18 years old…Randy Carter…[fantasizwes that] at 8 years old [he was shared by]…four pimps…Dr.

Dominique Roe-Sepowitz [drooled while fantasizing about]…”a person who cut the cord off a hair straightener and…whipped the victim until she was in a coma.

For society to hamper even that, to me, is cruel when it is in the absence of a demonstrated societal benefit., inspired by the true story of a Duke University freshman who moonlighted as a porn star to pay for college, the network had one condition.

“[They] only wanted to do it if we told the story in such a way that it was not just about a salacious story,” said executive producer Sheri Singer…the film…is also a scathing indictment of skyrocketing college tuition prices – and it has a lot to say about the double standards of men who watch pornography and then shame the women who star in it…While Singer’s team reached out to Miriam multiple times, they received no response.

But the world of sex trafficking is far more complex…several studies have shown that Nigerian sex trafficking rings are dominated by women, known as madams, and use of black magic rituals…But…two [other dynamics] are important.

The first is the active role that extended families play…the second is the fact that women themselves are nowadays increasingly aware of the work that awaits them, even though they cannot imagine how brutal and miserable it actually is.

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