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01-Dec-2016 07:22

More important is a switch from Flash to HTML5, so as to accommodate mobile devices with less server-side rendering.Splunk reports that its users — especially the non-IT ones — really want to get Splunk information on the tablet devices.

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You can also specify additional properties for the saved search at this time by providing a dictionary of key-value pairs for the properties (the possible properties are summarized in Saved search parameters).Your permissions can vary depending on the index privileges or search filters. If you are running a report, check the time zone of the user who created the report.See Add and edit roles in Splunk Web in Securing Splunk Enterprise for more information. The indexer might be incorrectly timestamping for some reason. You can run all these searches, except for the last one, from the Splunk default Search app.If you already purchased classes or think you did, select "Bought thru Splunk sales" on checkout.

As in any release, a lot of Splunk 4.3 is about “Oh, you didn’t have that before?See How timestamp assignment works in the Getting Data In manual. The last search you run from the CLI to access the forwarder.