Taegu aunty

30-Sep-2014 02:30

And every time we did, she would always have our favorite breakfast awaiting us in her kitchen, being Hilo Blood Sausage, eggs and rice. Granny used to get her blood sausage from Standard Market in Hilo, back in the day when you actually bought meat from a butcher.Standard Market was eventually bought-out by the Yagi’s, who now own Kulana Sausage, This, according to my cousin Donna T, who grew up on the Big Island. I prefer the whole loaf myself; I think it tastes better than pre-sliced.

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And with that, we’ve had our share eating some pretty bizarre foods.

Of which one of those I learned about from my mom is her very own fresh mango with Mayonnaise on it. “Hawaiian Cowboy Gravy” on just about anything, just like other folks use shoyu or ketchup.