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20-Nov-2015 00:16

They just wanted to talk to, meet and get to know American men. After exchanging greetings, neither of us speaking the other’s language, there was an awkward moment of what to do next.

When I found myself standing in front of the International Hotel on Shemran waiting for the blind date I’d arranged through such a phone call, I was immensely relieved to see the lovely young woman with bouncy bangs, large Persian eyes and an even bigger smile heading straight for me. She suggested we go to the park not far from the hotel.

I live with my family in north of iran but I decided leave Iran, also i want apply for phd in a good university.

i am a common person in behavior, i don have any special Im honest and hate to lie.

She's searching for a good partner for I can be best described as a sociabl, sensetive kind person. I like all human beings I try to be nice to everybody, not to judge people I like to think positively and affect on others in a positive way I am 163 cm tall and 80 kgs weight and i am Hi I'm a teacher. I like my loneliness but I enjoy being with my friends as well. I'd like to have new experiences and learn new things. I love being abroad, my favorite habbit is reading, traveling, and do exercises. I have a People usually describe me as a kind person, loving babies, animals and charity.

There must have been at least four more dates like this.My first long-term relationship was with an Iranian woman I met shortly after arriving for duty in Tehran as a draftee in the U. The women who called the bachelor quarters were breaking strong taboos, but these were not loose women. When I arrived at the bachelor quarters in Tehran, Iran I was instantly lonely. Though the phone number of the bachelor quarters was unlisted, we got phone calls all the time from Iranian girls wanting to meet G. Though the Shah’s Iran was quite liberal, it was still a more traditional culture than the US.The time for each meeting was determined by a phone call from Fari. who worked at an electronic listening post in north Tehran.

I didn’t dare call her and assumed that these times were chosen according to when she could safely sneak out of the house to meet me. I had never met this fellow, but Fari and her cousin told her relatives that he and I were close Army buddies and that he wanted me at his wedding. Embassy and had at the ready some stock phrases to use on her family.

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