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23-May-2015 14:34

Output: Enter account number ( 1 to 100, 0 to end input ) ? Although a sequential access mechanism traverses file record in a linear fashion, random access in a file enables us to access individual records directly without searching through other records.I have another panel that views the student infortmation, What I want to be able to do is update the information for that student, I created an update button and Used the following code to update the information of the student, but the problem is that it is adding the student to the file without updating the original file, so now I have the old file plus the new one. Net application that uses Random Access File storage to store all the records. End of file is determined either by a marker or a count of total bytes in the file maintained by the administrative data structure of the operating system.

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In much the same way, records in the random access file can be directly accessed with the index number supplied through the method and subsequently read/write chunks of data from/to the file.However, this fun exercise can not only enrich you conceptually but also give you an glimpse of actual database storage structure and how difficult/easy is to create one from scratch. However, simplification sometime overshadows important details; so is the case here.A lot of detail validation and verification is simply ignored.Here, in this article, we shall see one such way where a flat file access mechanism can be customized like a database CRUD operation.

The simplest way to implement a file structure is to impose a restricted size of an input record.

Nevertheless, one can always modify the following code to achieve a greater end once the basic concept is grasped. A sequential file structure is the common way where records are stored in order by the record key field.

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