Updating keys in nagraedit

08-Dec-2014 23:22

Sometimes browsers can get in funny states and cause malfunctions in Keep&Share or any other website.If you are experiencing a strange error while using your Keep&Share account, we suggest refreshing your browser.Pirate decryption most often refers to the decryption, or decoding, of pay TV or pay radio signals without permission from the original broadcaster.The term "pirate" in this case is used in the sense of copyright infringement and has little or nothing to do with sea piracy, nor with pirate radio, which involved the operation of a small broadcast radio station without lawfully obtaining a license to transmit.When we are inserting a record into the database table and the primary key is an auto-increment or auto-generated key, then the insert query will generate it dynamically.

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For the PHP, Node.js, and Go agents, a key transaction can only be created for a web transaction.

If found, the record is UPDATEd, else the record is INSERTed.