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Consider what happens when a controller starts at a zero state and is commanded to start regulating at a high level.While the controller is driving hard toward the new level, the system is still far away from the target setpoint, so the integral accumulates rapidly.The reason that this maybe wasn't such a good idea, it limited developers to using exactly the same methods!Actually, a system interface with multiple service functions is not necessary to support PID.The problems are worst at the Nyquist frequency, with a tendency to produce a high-to-low rattling that damps slowly.

The configuration contains the adjustable settings that persist over time.So far, only 8 lines of run-time code are used to implement it.As a practical matter, you will probably want a few common modifications, and these are covered next.This difference drives the proportional correction. The derivative of the setpoint error is needed next.

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The actual derivative is seldom available, so the PID controller estimates the derivative value using a difference approximation.Td / PID_T; A lag parameter value of 0.15 to 0.35 usually works well.