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27-Dec-2014 00:13

Part of the refinement process is taking your initial designs and making them more precise; like other aspects of font design, this is an iterative task, so using the built-in tools reduces some of the repetition.Font Forge’s other validation tool is the whole-font validator, which runs a battery of tests and checks on the entire font.You must first select one or more glyphs—either from in the font view, the outline view, or the metrics view—then open the Find Problems tool.

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In addition, if a glyph has any self-intersecting paths then Font Forge cannot perform the test. These checks all relate to references, in which a glyph includes paths from another glyph.

For example, an accented letter includes a reference to the original (unaccented) letter, plus a reference to the accent character.

All of the tests in the “Refs” tab are mandatory for at least one common output format, and all are good ideas.

Validating your font to eliminate these errors will thus not only ensure that it can be installed and enjoyed by users, but will ensure that finished project exhibits polish.

The first tool is called , and is found under the Element menu.

You can select which problems you are interested in looking for by checking the checkbox next to each, and in some cases providing a numeric value to check the font against.