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15-Jun-2016 17:07

She’s performed stunts for On the plane headed home!

The daughter of third-generation circus performers, she’s well-experienced in horror.

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“WHAT LONELY GIRLS WILL DO” By Luke Ozvik (F mast / Fdogs, beast, oral, anal, vaginal, cons) Starring Jessica Biel What follows is not true, apologies to any offense caused to anyone featured or anyone reading. She missed his jokes, she missed his private songs, but most of all she missed his cock.

She’d never had a shortage of men in her life, so she’d never felt the need to buy a dildo before – but by God she needed one now.

She jumped in her Porsche and headed down to the Hustler store for a look around to see what she could find.

The picture below, which depicts the 12-year-old actress with Naomi Watts at The Ring's premiere, can attest to this.

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However, for anyone who had the image of Samara burned into their brain, the contrast between the long-haired, dripping wet vengeful spirit from The Ring and the Chase of today remains amusingly jarring.

There was nothing wrong with a girl buying a dildo, but she still didn’t want to end up on the cover of the tabloids buying her weekend release here! “Honestly.” Jessica smiled, “No problem.” Brooke moved away, then turned back… As the clerk – a pretty punky slut with nose and lip rings – rang it up, she leant forward. She paid for her dildo and the DVD and got the fuck out as fast as she could.

If you’re not being ghosted (ignored) or mooned (muted) then you’re probably being benched (relegated to the reserves list).… continue reading »

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