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This is a show that is pretty much the same thing as dozens of other shows out there (probably because the seasons of one show are run in between another so fans can say they have something to do). I have even seen articles out from the people they were making out were bad guys talking about how everything was either edited together to show very different reactions to things instead of their actual reactions, or have stuff taken out of context among other stuff and the people who watch this show will remember them like that and have the reputations of the "villains" destroyed.

Okay, here's the thing - you want to make a show that is pretty much a contest of people cooking and living up to their lifelong dreams - Okay it doesn't sound like my sort of thing.

But a worrying tone is on the verge of becoming a persistent problem as the show increasingly makes it the norm to frame outsiders to the Anglo-Saxon Australian experience, especially women, as villains.

The fourth season of Channel Seven's cooking reality show, which is the top-rating television show in Australia, has produced a succession of carefully constructed characters defined by the offence their ambition and vituperative criticism causes.

The 2012 edition of provided a much more multicultural feel, with Victorian sisters Carly and Emily Cheung proving popular with viewers,but then that was the season where the reigning villains werea pair of gay men, arrogant Queenslanders Peter Hamilton and Gary Rogers.

It's correct to note that Channel Nine's is a narrow representation of what this nation actually looks like, but it has a problem with a blokey tone that's verging on the snide - a long-standing issue on certain Nine productions - when it comes to the cliched depiction of women.

We are mates and a lot of people just can’t get that through their head that we’re actually mates” says Pete, who earlier called the feud reports “fake news”.

The pair are in town promoting the latest series of claims.

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Amy, whose partner on the show is her brother, “angry man” Tyson, couldn’t stop smiling as the pair walked side-by-side at Mt Coot-tha, Brisbane’s highest peak.

In Series 1 Junior Master Chef auditioned 5,500 hopeful young cooks aged from 8 to 12 from across Australia to arrive at a Top 50 who then competed for a place in the Top 12. See full summary » World renowned chef Gordon Ramsay puts aspiring young chefs through rigorous and devastating challenges at his restaurant in Hollywood, "Hell's Kitchen", to determine which of them will win...