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I breathed, and the tree blinked…another, and another. : The Story expanding, one point of light at a time, in the metaphorical idea of a tree, a network of life; starting as a dream and materializing like the lush of summer growth. My housemate also announced this morning it’s National Outdoors Day. I start drafting what is now I now understand that premonition was the incredible energy of Story Creates and now.I finally went to sleep, after smiles relaxed into snoring, and my total adoration of being a Creator relaxed into more dreams. And so I was inspired to move my writing station to the backyard. I hope this inspires you to create, or at least take credit for the ooey gooey romantic goodness in your world. I had the same desires then to finish it quickly and publish, allowing the great wealth and attention of a bestseller come over me like a pro-surfer dream wave.I lie in bed, my screen saver bubbling color and then fading to sleep, and my eyes adjusting to the darkness after making a few more notes on my phone (I know, it’s crazy how techie I’ve become!

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It’s starting slowly, growing over time, until the handful of readers grow beyond the tree…perhaps one day as cavernous and dimensional as the stars against the black Outback night. I leave a choice life in New Zealand, and at the end of 2014 I land in Asheville, NC to finish and finally publish my fiction.Another symbol for my roots, of a childhood in hot southeastern Virginia summers, playing outside until your arms and legs are still and tired, along with the last light of day. I got up and did more work to the outline of Book III.