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Meredith Chivers, a researcher and professor at Queen's University, researched men and women's responses to erotic material, and found that women respond physically to a wider range of erotic imagery.

Though women typically rank their enjoyment of pornography lower than men do in research studies, their brainwave activity is just as responsive.

Yet, it's mere myth: According to research done by University of Texas psychologist David Buss, women in their 30s and 40s actually have sex drives than teenage girls and women in their 20's.

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What's more, women in their 40s also experience more powerful orgasms and are more likely to be multi-orgasmic, according to a Harvard Health Report.Relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam, co-author of The conventional wisdom holds that men can have orgasm-worthy, yet totally meaningless sex, while women have a hormonal response to orgasms that makes them fall in love and cuddle.