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18-Apr-2015 11:49

Well, that stash will grow exponentially with all the trips to New York and you'll decide to start writing about it as a hobby. You'll have a focus and a distraction and you will absolutely love it.People will tell you you're good at it and it'll take you a while to believe them and you won't believe that readers come to visit every day and leave comments! You'll decide to call it Lovelygirliebits, I know, your rude sense of humour is still there all these years in the future.The family will literally fall to pieces after Dad's gone, I know it's hard to see that now because we're all so close right now, but there's nothing you can do about it.There's no point in me even going into it here because you won't believe it. ) for a few years and they'll be some brilliant years, what with 12 hour drinking binges with Ruth, mortifying Christmas parties and seeing The Tudors being filmed there, great craic altogether.See, when you decide to call it that, you won't imagine having to actually say it out loud to people!Ah well, they won't forget it :) Here's some advice from your future self 1. You're a funny fecker and you'll keep yourself laughing.You'll finish your degree but not know what to do and decide to move to Canada and get married there.

You'll have some of the best laughs and will start to see the old you back again.With more than 60 rides, shows and attractions including the largest coaster collection on the East Coast, Planet Snoopy, our Peanut's themed children's area and Water Works, a 20-acre water playground which is included in your park admission.

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